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RankMaker Software Download

RankMaker, Software 4 PSC Exam Preparation

Welcome to RankMaker Upgradation

Step1. Download Upgrade Applicaton
Step2. Extract all
Step3. Double Click on Update file
Step4. If you have already installed RankMaker in your PC , it automatically update the database
Step5. If you havent installed Rankmaker yet , it ll prompt for downloading Rankmaker Setup from

Now you can do it your self. Try it Yourself
qblp team

RankMaker DB Ver 2.0 CD Available

RankMaker Ver2.0 = RankMaker Ver 1.0 + 1000 more Questions

How to Install RankMaker 2.0 in your PC / Laptop
1. Request for Software CD by SMS to 9947911861.
2. Insert the CD in your CD Drive and wait for a moment.
3. Follow the Instructions in the screen.
4. Give Authentication code as qblp.
5.Choose Install program from the menu.
6. For any help you can make call to 9947911861 or mail to
Software Features
*Eye catching User Interface.
*Quiz like Platform
*Right Answers Display with Score.
*Arranged in various Titles as Who's Who , Science , Sports , National etc.
*A search Mechanism for quick reference.
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